Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Pineapple Quilt

I'm excited to share my Pineapple Quilt! I've always loved a traditional Pineapple Quilt, but wanted to see if I could make the traditional design a bit more modern. I flipped through an older book called Pineapple Passion published in 1989 and found a design that I thought might work for what I envisioned from a picture of an antique Pineapple Quilt in the Gallery of Quilts at the front of the book. No pattern.

I found the block fairly simple to draft, worked out the math and went on to choose a nice rainbow of fabrics.

Here's the result and I couldn't be happier with it! Just what I pictured in my head!

You probably can't find the block outline. It's easier to find if you look at the corner of the quilt pictured above. The blocks are 10" square and set side by side {not on point}. The center of the block is the white square with the gray solid square on point. To construct the rest of the block, I pieced 1 1/2" strips around the center square {each block uses 2 different colors adjacent to each other}. After each round of strips, I used a white square on each corner and sewed on the diagonal of that square to create corner triangles. I repeated with 2 more rounds of 1 1/2" print strips and white squares to complete each block.

Because my rainbow color way was preplanned, I pieced each identical diagonal row before going on to the next.

The top sat for a while because I couldn't decide how to quilt it {and I really didn't want to ruin it!}. I decided to bring it to my guild's Sew-In day to ask for advice. The overwhelming opinion was to do simple straight lines - just the way I had been leaning. I ended up doing diagonal straight lines going in the opposite direction of the rainbow pattern.

The backing is a gray print and when I cut off the excess after quilting, I decided the same fabric would make the perfect binding. Done!

I think it's turned into one of my favorite quilts! :)

Friday, December 30, 2016

Best of 2016

Time to review 2016! Let's start with the top blog posts of the year and link up with my friend Cheryl of Meadow Mist Designs and the Best of 2016 Linky Party.

I chose my top blog posts of 2016 by the number of page views. Here we go:

#5 Reverse Sawtooth Star
This was a fun quilt that I made from my Anna Maria Horner stash using almost all leftover pieces from other quilts.

#4 Bourbon Street
This was also a stash busting quilt, but turned out so pretty with many of my favorite little scraps of fabric.

#3 Scrappy Trip
I shared how I created my variation of the web phenomenon, Scrappy Trip Around the World quilt.

#2 Squash Blossom
After searching and searching for a pattern for this block, I drafted my own and shared the pattern.

#1 Tumbling Spools
This wallhanging was a variation of the quilt featured on Moda bake Shop several years ago and turned out so pretty in Handmade by Bonnie and Camille.

I got the most comments (107) on 2 posts, where I shared my thoughts on blogging and how it's changed over the last couple of years. Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts on that as well!

Right up there with the number of views was a Photography series that my daughter posted here on my blog. There you can find some really good tips for photographing your quilts: Part 1 Part 2 Part 3

And the final stats? This year I completed 19 quilts and 4 wall quilts. You can go back through the blog to see most of them. My most recent finish has yet to be photographed, so watch for that soon.

I made 2 quilts that never made it to the blog. Not sure why, they definitely weren't my favorites, but certainly deserve to be noticed.

The first is a Swiss quilt, pattern from Thimbleblossoms. Since I always have lots of aqua fabric, I thought it would be a good pattern to use up some smaller leftover pieces.

This quilt doesn't have a name because it was a design as you go quilt. I used a stack of Cotton and Steel, made some big half square triangles and then just arranged them and sewed them together. I followed with some simple straight line quilting.

I've really made an effort this year to reduce my stash. Believe me I still have plenty of fabric, but it was feeling overwhelming at the beginning of the year. I find with too much, I lose track of what I have. Besides sewing it up, I sold some really nice bundles on Instagram and donated several bags of fabric for charity quilts. I'm definitely feeling better about what I have and this next year I'd like to be better at using my favorites rather than "saving" them.

Just this week, I pulled out some Maze and Vale fabric {hand printed in Australia and super expensive, but loved by me} that I've been so afraid to cut into and made a simple patchwork pillow. Now I get to look at it every day!

I've also been hoarding this piece of Liberty of London fabric that I bought at Pearl Soho in New York City in 2014. I ended up make a Petal Pouch and I just love how it turned out!

So that's a wrap for 2016. Thanks for hanging in there with me for this long post.
And thank you, thank you, thank you for being here throughout the year. I'm so grateful for this Internet thing that allows us to share, converse and simply hang out together. I'll be thinking this weekend about what I'd like to make in 2017...

Handmade journal from Plum Umbrella on Etsy

How about you? Any quilting goals for the new year?

Wishing you a wonderful, happy and quilty 2017!!!

Friday, December 23, 2016


My plan was to post my last finished quilt of 2016 this week. We had a beautiful warm day on Wednesday, time on our hands and found a great backdrop next to a restaurant in downtown Greenville. The lighting was perfect. And as I looked through my camera, I realized I had brought the wrong lens - can't get much of a quilt in with a Macro lens.

A sneak peek of a quilt that will come in a later post...

So I thought I'd share a few things I'm working on. Some WIPs or a preview of what's coming in 2017...

I never win giveaways {mostly because I seldom enter}, but I got lucky a few weeks ago and won a fat quarter bundle of fabric from Maureen Cracknell and Lady Belle Fabrics. It's Maureen's newest line for Art Gallery called Garden Dreamer. I used a pattern called Pop Star that's been on my radar just waiting for the perfect fabric line. It uses 12 fat quarters and was quick, fun and easy to do. Hope to get this one quilted soon!

2016 has been the year of stash busting for me! I haven't kept track yard by yard, but I can see my shelves are definitely lighter. On a whim one day, I pulled a stack of black, gray, pink and aqua fabrics and downloaded Camille's pattern Colorway. It was fun to play around with all the color combinations.

This quilt is slowly coming together. It's labor intensive with 400 half square triangles, which I'm happy to say are finally sewn and trimmed. The blocks are all looking alike, and that makes it tough for me to stick with. I make a couple at a time, then put it away for a few days. I've finished 13 of 20, so slowly getting there!

I decided I needed a hand sewing project for the winter and settled on a bit of embroidery and a bigger English Paper Piecing project. I played with a few different designs, and have settled on this block. I'll keep you posted on progress!

I really love this time of December. The hustle and bustle is winding down. We're finding joy in tradition. We're reflecting on the things that are truly important. We're sharing the love that's in our hearts just a little bit more. It makes me smile.

Wishing you each peace, love and joy this season and all year. Have a Merry, Merry Christmas and I hope you find a bit of quilty goodness under your tree!

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Scrappy Trip finish!

Unless this is the first quilty blog post you've ever read, I'm sure you're familiar with the Scrappy Trip quilt! I explained my modifications and how I pieced it here.

In my "quilt it up" quest, I took this one to my local Bernina store to longarm quilt it.

I thought I'd share a few pics of the finished quilt today!

I quilted figure 8 loops on the quilt which I'm really happy with. They are all done free hand, but I was able to use the grid created by the squares to keep them fairly close in size and evenly spaced.

I'm also pretty happy with how my "unscrappiness" turned out!

For the back, I used this awesome print that I've been hoarding for just the right quilt. It's from an Art Gallery line called Cleta. Don't you love those trees made from bikes??

The quilt has been put to good use by my husband. I hear it's great for napping!

Monday, December 5, 2016

Scout Quilt

I've have a couple of quilt tops that I really want to finish before the end of the year. The last few years, I've made it a goal to start the year with a clean slate - no tops in a pile waiting to be quilted. Since it's December, I better get going!

I made this one about 6 months ago. A fun pattern that I've had for a while and perfect for my stash busting goal this year.  The pattern is Scout by Allison at Cluck Cluck Sew.

It truly is a great pattern for pulling multiple fabrics from your stash. It's all strip pieced and I pulled pieces that had the full width, but maybe only 5-10" left. In many ways it felt good to use up the end of some fabric pieces, but a little sad too. I love seeing my favorite fabrics used in a quilt, but why does it feel sad that it's no longer sitting on my shelf? 

The quilt did turn out happy and colorful. I did straight line quilting in the vertical strips and hooked feathers in the herringbone strips.

The backing a a fun Cloud 9 fabric with arrows on it. And I had just enough of this Art Gallery navy for binding - about 1/4" leftover - close!

I've also finished up quilting my Scrappy Trip quilt. I'll share that as soon as it stops raining and I can get some photos...

Monday, November 7, 2016

Chic Country Quilt

Chic Country ~ a Quick Curve Ruler pattern by Sew Kind of Wonderful...

This was my first time using the Quick Curve Ruler. I know there are probably some easier designs to start with, but I didn't think about that and chose the one with all the points to match!

And as hard as I tried - some points matched and others didn't. There is even a disclaimer in the pattern that states: "We have taken a very complicated traditional pattern and simplified the cutting/piecing, but when working with bias each block will have some variation with the pieced points." Yes, there are definitely some variations!

But once it was all together and you look at it from a distance - it looks pretty good! I couldn't be happier with the colors and fabrics in Little Ruby by Bonnie and Camille.

I considered circular quilting, but ended up with straight lines spaced 3/4" apart hoping to smoosh it all down flat.

And it worked!

Sunday, October 30, 2016

Hexie Garden

I've had the pattern Hexie Garden by Atkinson Designs for years. Those of you who know me well or have been hanging around here for a while are probably not surprised. It's a very "me" quilt :)

I've been waiting for the perfect fabric line to come along - I even tried a few blocks several years ago using some of Anna Maria Horner's fabrics and the look just wasn't right. I'm loving this version using Bonnie and Camille's new line Handmade. The inclusion of black for the first time sparked the idea!

"Whatever You Are Be A Good One"...

The quilt was very easy to make - no Y seams required. The blocks are big and it went together very quickly!

I've been doing some very simple quilting lately and this one has straight lines across and then diagonally following the hexagons in both directions. It made for a nice 60 degree grid and a pretty design in both the hexagon centers and the background.

The backing is also from the Handmade line. There is a hexie cheater print in the line and I almost went with that, but it seemed too predictable.

We photographed the quilt at one of our local office buildings. I drive by this building on Stone Avenue weekly and watched this masterpiece emerge this past Spring. I believe it was done by art students from Furman University.

I've been waiting for just the right quilt...

These are the only signatures we could find on the art work...

And a great message...